Who We Help

Qualifying for support

We are here to help, to offer supported accommodation and the foundations of a brighter future to as many people as possible. However, to ensure that we have the space and time to focus on each individual’s unique and specific needs, and to determine whether our support is right for them, we carefully qualify everyone referred to us.

In short, the person you are referring to us must:

Be over the age of 18

Be either currently or soon to be homeless

Be single

Have low to medium level support needs

Have valid ID

Be in receipt of benefits such as Universal Credit.

We can accept referrals from a variety of organisations and institutions, including charities, local authorities, religious institutions, food banks, community centres and so forth. Unfortunately, we are not able take on self-referrals or those referred by family and friends; however, if this is you, then to access our support you can present yourself to a local authority or a street homeless charity and ask them to refer you to us.

Therefore, if a member of your community or someone you are currently responsible for fits the above criteria, the first step to helping them on their journey to a brighter future is for you to complete our referral form.

Click on the link below and remember – the clearer the information you supply the quicker we’ll be able to help.